A Good Friday postscript to our Via Dolorosa column

COFFEE WITH WARREN, with Warren Harbeck
Cochrane Eagle, April 3, 2015

Dear email coffee companions,

In a most timely way, I just received the following note from photographer/priest Fred Monk, formerly a pastor in Cochrane and now in Bow Island, Alberta. This is a beautiful follow-up to our column of March 26 on the Via Dolorosa. That column, as you may recall, began with reference to a musical interpretation of Jesus’ journey to the cross performed by Carrie Stoesz. At the time of the column, however, her rendition was not available on the Internet.

To make it available, Father Fred has combined his media talents with his special passion for the marginalized, as reflected in Mission Mexico, the humanitarian outreach he founded and directs. Here’s his note and URL link:

“I have prepared a Good Friday Reflection on the Stations of the Cross (Stations from St. Michael’s Church, Bow Island) and the sound track from “Carry the Light” with Carrie Stoesz singing “Via Dolorosa.”  The reflection also includes images from our Mission Mexico projects.”

Click on the video to see it – and to listen to it:


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