Our 60th anniversary

COFFEE WITH WARREN, with Warren Harbeck
Cochrane Eagle, June 29, 2023

As Mary Anna and I entered Cochrane Smitty’s the other day for our frequent Sunday noon-hour coffee and snacks with retired architect Bill Boucock and his daughter Marisa Croft, we were quite taken by the greetings we received from several of the staff: “Happy Anniversary!” So, how did they know? My guess is that Cochrane poet Tracy Gilbert, a former member of the staff, had spread the word.

Why Tracy? That very day she had sent me a poem she had written. Two Hearts begins:

When two hearts come together
it is truly a beautiful thing.
That is what happened when
Warren gave Mary Anna a beautiful ring.

And referring to June 29, 1963, she continued:

Today marks the anniversary
of an amazing 60 years.
Witnessed by God,
they promised each other forever.

I shared Tracy’s poem with Bill and Marisa, and they wanted to know more. I had with me a photo of the bridal party from the big day. This led to the story of Mary Anna’s and my truly blessed life together, a journey that led to our sitting at table with them that day at Smitty’s.

Marisa couldn’t resist taking an updated photo of us, highlighting the winning smile that has characterized Mary Anna from the first day we met.

So, thank you, Marisa and Tracy, for adding to our 60th wedding anniversary celebrations. And thank you, Mary Anna, for being my wonderful wife.


© 2023 Warren Harbeck

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