A tale of two trees

COFFEE WITH WARREN, with Warren Harbeck
Cochrane Eagle, May 18, 2023

Ah, what a Mother’s Day that was – just ask two trees that participated in the celebration!

My wife Mary Anna and I had been hearing a lot about Cochrane’s iconic Grandfather Tree. But we’d never visited it. This was our chance.

The amazing 300+ years old white spruce is located along the park trail just a few minutes’ walk below Cochrane RancheHouse. No sooner had we arrived at its base, than Grandfather reached out his roots toward Mary Anna, as if to say, “Come sit with me for a while.” And when she did, Grandfather gave her a most welcome Mother’s Day hug!

But that was just the first tree encounter of the weekend. There’s an apple tree in our backyard, just waiting for such an occasion as this. On Friday, the first of the apple blossom buds began appearing (top centre photo). By the end of the weekend, our beloved tree was in full bloom.

What a way to honour Mary Anna on Mother’s Day! Hugged by Grandfather Tree, and celebrated with the beauty of apple blossoms, she made me glad all over again that she’s my wife, and a beloved mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

Thank you, Grandfather Tree and apple tree for making our weekend.


© 2023 Warren Harbeck

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