Frosted pond warms the heart

COFFEE WITH WARREN, with Warren Harbeck
Cochrane Eagle, December 15, 2022

Well, folks, from your delightful responses to last week’s column on Jack Frost’s artistry on our kitchen window wonderland, I immediately knew there were two of them I especially had to share with you this week.

The first is from our coffee companion Linda Nicol. She happened to be walking by an eye-catching pond at Cochrane’s Mount St. Francis Retreat Centre with my frost photos from last week’s column still fresh in her mind. And there Jack Frost’s amazing artwork was again! She took a couple of photos for us.

The bottom photo shows the pond at the Mount. But she also took a close-up shot of the intriguing patterns she saw on the ice: starbursts of beauty! But what part of the ice did she capture in her close-up? That was for me to figure out. And sure enough, I did.

I focused my search in on a frosted detail that suggested a wide-winged bird swooping through a darker area to snatch a large dragonfly, relatively prominent in the middle foreground of the close-up image. And sure enough, by enormously enlarging the pond photo on my screen, I found it and circled the area Linda celebrated in the close-up.

“I was in awe and wonder at God’s creation and beautiful art work,” Linda says, “and felt very blessed to have been able to enjoy it!”

The second response is from Vancouver Island blogger Ron Gobeil. He wrote us a poem to warm our hearts on these cold winter days:

Winter is upon us
Consider it a plus
It heralds that special season
And seems to give back reason

    As we’re cozily tucked warmly
    With friends and with family
    Our hearts are more open
    We reach out to the broken

Good fellowship does abound
While cold winds surround
What is it about Christmas
Perhaps it’s about forgiveness

    Smiles are more plentiful
    Generosity commendable
    Good cheer is the norm
    Kind words plentiful and warm

Thank you, Linda and Ron, for your heartwarming words and images.


© 2022 Warren Harbeck

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