Window wonderland

COFFEE WITH WARREN, with Warren Harbeck
Cochrane Eagle, December 8, 2022

Jack Frost adds his own crystalline Christmas decorations to our screened kitchen window, as captured in these artificially colourized images.  Photos by Warren Harbeck

In keeping with all the Christmas decorations folks are setting up around Cochrane lately, Jack Frost was right in the spirit of things with his frosty artistry on our kitchen window the other day. It was a window wonderland! Good thing I had my iPhone camera handy.

The day started out around –26 degrees, but warmed up a little as the sun rose to the occasion. When I first saw Jack Frost’s mementos on our kitchen window that morning, I was immediately attracted to it – and particularly to its festive features on the screened half.

It was as if he were decorating a Christmas tree. Along the edge of the frost, his crystalline baubles featured balls and stars interwoven with bits of glistening garland against the background of the window screen.

Their colour was pretty much a silvery gray when I took the accompanying photos. But with a little help from Photoshop, I colourized them to accentuate their celebrative qualities. I didn’t change any of the lines, just the colour, to bring out the golds and blues.

And of course, why not work this into a column? Why, with the addition of some holly, I could make it into a seasonal interpretation of that classic song, Winter Wonderland – except I might rename it Window Wonderland!

Window Wonderland? Hmmmm…. Now just maybe there’s inspiration here for some new lyrics to that earworm tune from 1934, thanks to Jack Frost’s artistry. In this case, of course, it’s not sleigh bells we’re listening to as we walk happily down the lane through the glistening snow in some winter wonderland. No, it’s crystalline loveliness adorning our kitchen windowpane that we’re visually admiring and that warms our hearts on a very cold morning. So, here’s my attempt:

Jack Frost’s come,
Are you looking?
On the pane
Frost is glistening.
A beautiful sight,
We’re filled with delight,
Taking in a window wonderland.

Thank you, Jack. I’ll never look at frost on my windowpane the same way again.


© 2022 Warren Harbeck

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