Thankful for autumn

COFFEE WITH WARREN, with Warren Harbeck
Cochrane Eagle, October 6, 2022

Last week’s column on autumn splendor sure got the attention of many of our coffee companions, if the responses I received are any indication. B.C. blogger Ron Gobeil even wrote me a poem to express his feelings. It opens:

The beauty of autumn is upon us
Good fortune is a plus
Wherever I wander
A good time to ponder.

And, Ron, with Thanksgiving also upon us, this was an especially good time to ponder anew the Creator’s wisdom and artistry in autumn.

Thus, Mary Anna and I set out on our annual autumn jaunt into Kananaskis Country. And as you can see from our photos, we were not disappointed.

What amazing wisdom for life’s journey! Yes, the golden leaves were the incentive for the trip, but they were not the whole show. We were treated to a lesson more valuable than gold. The scenery was compelling because of the way it celebrated the beauty of diversity in harmony. The golden leaves didn’t try to make the evergreens gold, nor did the valley demand that the mountains come down to their level. Each accentuated the gifts of the other, and we were blessed.

Thank you, Creator.


© 2022 Warren Harbeck

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