A sunset invitation

COFFEE WITH WARREN, with Warren Harbeck
Cochrane Eagle, August 4, 2022

Men of Vision statue invites visitor to enjoy Cochrane sunsets from hilltop to river valley. Photos by James Harbeck

It’s that wonderful time of year when our Toronto-based son James pays us a visit in the land of his youth. Writer, editor, linguaphile, photographer and a lover of long walks, he celebrates life’s journeys in vivid ways that Mary Anna and I never tire of. Last week was no exception.

Of course, a predictable destination for his walks around Cochrane is our landmark Men of Vision statue of horse and rider. He especially likes visiting its hilltop location beneath the RancheHouse at sunset. The rider’s southwest view of foothills and mountains take on a special aura at such times, and James just can’t resist the temptation.

And absolutely, its view of the Bow Valley at sunset is a perpetual invitation to take a riverside walk there, too. And countless other camera bugs couldn’t agree more.

When I asked him about what motivates his walks around town, he said: “I just go out for walks around sunset with the intention of catching the sunset! I always enjoy walking along the river and up the hill to the statue.”

I did drive him to another of his viewpoints, however. We went up the hill above Gleneagles, to the end of the road beyond Muller Windsports, and parked along the fence with the big sign, “No trespassing.”

No, James didn’t trespass. But he got the inspiration for his July 30 Word Tasting Note on the origin and meaning of the word, “trespass.”

But nearby there was quite another view awaiting him. The setting sun just happened to silhouette two evergreens. It was as if they knew he’d be heading back to Toronto in just a few days, and were whispering to him that Cochrane was already pining for him, as they hoped he’d be pining for Cochrane and returning real soon.

YES! to the sunset invitation.


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