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COFFEE WITH WARREN, with Warren Harbeck
Cochrane Eagle, July 28, 2022

Squirrel, sparrow and yellowjacket join columnist at Coffee Traders while spruce knot looks on.
Photos by Warren Harbeck

I stopped by Coffee Traders the other day to see what the buzz was around Cochrane.

Our coffee companions Ginette Losier and Paul Ruggles invited me to join them at their window table. Within minutes, Paul was showing me photos of wildlife that have brought joy to his journey. There was the buck deer he’d encountered, for instance, as well as that playful white weasel.

Ginette shared a beautiful account of the blue jay that made a habit of visiting her table just outside her window when she lived in Vancouver.

Blue jay at table outside Ginette’s window? I got out my smartphone and scrolled down through window-view photos I’ve taken of wildlife as I’ve experienced it at my Traders table over the years.

I began with the table we were sitting at now. Nine years ago, I was joined by an amazing chap who took its seat on the windowsill at the end of that same table. The yellowjacket gazed up at me as if to check me out, but decided not to sting me, as they’re so reputed to do.

Then there was the view outside the window at my balcony table. A squirrel got out on a limb to say hi. I was treated to a pose any photo-nut like me could be grateful for.

And of course, how could I overlook the most common wildlife window visitor at my Traders table? Yes, the house sparrow, on limb, deck and patio.

But I can’t conclude this wildlife reverie without honouring the spruce knot right in front of me at my table. Spruce trees are part of wildlife, right? And this spruce that became my tabletop contained a wide-eyed selfie which just happened to be staring at that yellowjacket across the table all those years ago.

So, that’s what the buzz was the other day at my Traders table — and yes, pun intended.


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