The Creator’s Hand

COFFEE WITH WARREN, with Warren Harbeck
Cochrane Eagle, September 16, 2021

The world has been seeing dark times recently, and the Stoney Nakoda First Nation at Morley is no exception. But in the midst of that, four of our readers from Morley have found light and hope by looking to the sky. They’re sharing their photos and feelings in this week’s column.

ANGELA KAQUITTS (top photo): “The image in the sky made up by those clouds against the blue brought calmness to my soul. Though it was for a short time, it meant a lot. We have had too many deaths within our community, and that has taken a toll, including my own depression. My therapy is through these pictures. I see life, hope and love in them. This image kind of shows what I have been feeling. From darkness to light, I saw God and He never gives up on people.”

DEANNA TWO YOUNG MEN (lower right photo): “While taking that picture, I was feeling lonely, and then that appeared and I thought to myself that I am very fortunate to be living in such a beautiful place. I love taking pictures of this beautiful landscape; it always gives me peace, calmness. Life is precious. Breathe in the beauty and exhale your worries and give them to God.”

WYOJOY BENJAMIN (lower left photo): “I took this photo from my patio above Chiniki Lake. It was the morning of a beloved infant’s funeral. I was watching the sunrise. When I looked at it, the dark cloud either side of the bright sun looked like a bald eagle spreading its wings. My late great-grandfather Johnny Powderface, Sr., taught me: ‘When you see an image in the sky, there’s always a meaning behind it.’ So, my imagination was seeing a bald eagle, the Light of the world, carrying the infant to the spirit world, Mârhpiya Oyade!”

KENNY HOUSE-RAIN (bottom centre photo): “I was awestruck. I felt peace and comfort. I felt hopeful.”

Such a short response from Kenny? Yes, because his photo says it all. Look at the bright spot at the top of his photo. Do you see a hand with four fingers and a thumb pointing down? There it is, my coffee companions: the Creator’s Hand reaching down into our darkness to bring light and hope.

Thanks, Angela, Deanna, Wyojoy and Kenny.


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