Welcome back, apple blossoms!

COFFEE WITH WARREN, with Warren Harbeck
Cochrane Eagle, June 3, 2021

What an awesome ten days we’ve just experienced in our backyard. Yup, it’s apple blossom time again, and it’s been non-stop delight out our bedroom window from the first blossom on May 19 till a tree fully in bloom and hosting its seasonal honey bee guests on May 28. (And no, the bees weren’t wearing face masks!)

This harbinger of hope never disappoints us, but it seems especially well timed this year in view of world events, both Covid and conflict.

And I’m sure its lushness is already building up anticipation among our fruit-friendly neighbourhood squirrels. I know it certainly has me looking forward to Mary Anna’s tasty apple sauce.

By the way, to celebrate this year’s apple blossom time, I even used an apple to take some photos – my Apple iPhone, that is. Enjoy!


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