Garden speaks peace

COFFEE WITH WARREN, with Warren Harbeck
Cochrane Eagle, September 10, 2020

Tom and Geri Biberger’s backyard “Garden of Eden” in the West Valley subdivision of Cochrane is blessed with the couple’s 30 years of imagination. Photography by Warren Harbeck

At last my wife and I are able to enjoy some of this summer’s breathtaking backyard gardens around Cochrane. Just this past Saturday we spent a late afternoon and evening in Tom and Geri Biberger’s garden in the West Valley subdivision.

For 30 years now, Tom and Geri have been creating a Rundle Rock–edged paradise of ferns, flowers, fountains and other flora.

We asked them what their favourite flowers were. Geri took us over to the purple morning glory palm – oooops! I mean the purple morning glory she was cupping in the palm of her hand (see along left edge in accompanying collage). Tom directed us to a bush lush with begonias (top left). Awesome!

Tom’s skills as an electrician are evident, too. As evening approached, lights around the fountain came on and lent a mystical atmosphere to the storybook setting. Then came an amazing surprise when full darkness set in: in the middle of the lawn Tom had placed an ornamental light that radiated a starburst of beauty to the farthest corners.

Geri refers to this paradise as their “Garden of Eden.” This got me thinking about some tempting green edibles I saw growing near one corner. But not to worry, Tom! Geri may call it a Garden of Eden, but those are tomatoes, not apples!


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