Jack Frost and snow ghosts celebrate more winter wonderland

COFFEE WITH WARREN, with Warren Harbeck
Cochrane Eagle, January 16, 2020

Photos: (centre) by Hans Stocker, greeted by “Snow ghosts” while skiing on Tod Mountain, northeast of Kamloops; (green-toned) by Don Cochrane, welcomed by forest of frost on garage window as he arrived at his car; (gold-toned) by Warren Harbeck, wished “Good morning” by frost on kitchen window when he came for breakfast.

“It’s not called Winter Wonderland for nothing!” Cochrane coffee companion Marlis McDouall exclaimed in response to last week’s column on how Robyn MacKay’s fir “snow ghosts” bowed to Jack Frost’s window artistry.

To emphasize the point, Hans Stocker has shared an amazing snow ghost photo he took while skiing on Tod Mountain, northeast of Kamloops, BC. “When you land in the midst of these fantastic creations, it’s really a wow day,” he says.

From Saskatoon, Sask., Don Cochrane was equally enthusiastic about Jack Frost’s fine art photos. He even sent a couple of his own, taken of his garage window. “You can never tell what you will see when you go out to start the car!”

In compiling Hans’s and Don’s photos, I couldn’t help adding a few more frost photos of my own. Jack Frost had used our kitchen window as his canvas, and when I came out for breakfast recently, what was I to do but say to my iPhone: “What are you waiting for?”

Well, folks, see for yourselves.


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