Tapestry of Women seeks mindfulness toward self and others

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Cochrane Eagle, October 11, 2018

This year’s Tapestry of Women theme, Medicine for Mind, Body, and Soul, aspires to motivate inner wellness and respect for human rights. Art by Jean Fry

In his Oct. 4 column in the Eagle, “Marathon Man” Martin Parnell celebrated the historical contribution of women to our community. He concluded with a hope-filled global perspective. He was in Kabul, Afghanistan, this month, meeting “with an inspiring group of women who are trying to make a difference in the lives of women and girls.” The group included Zainab Husseini, the first Afghan woman to run a marathon, a major step forward in respect for human rights.

Meanwhile, right here in Cochrane, we have our own pace-setting human rights initiative occurring Oct. 27 with our 24th annual Tapestry of Women Conference. The theme? Medicine for Mind, Body, and Soul. And the participants are representative of the rich cultural diversity of the Cochrane area, the Stoney Nakoda First Nation at Morley, and rural Rocky View County.

“Imagine how learning more about how these different aspects (mind, body and soul) are connected … will open space for more authentic connections, understanding, and empathic communication with people you care about – including yourself,” Tapestry Chairperson Patricia Cove says.

“The Tapestry of Women feels the lives of women from all cultures have changed dramatically over the years. The gatherings address issues women face while trying to attain and maintain optimum wellness for themselves, their families, and their communities – including health, capable leadership, and viable networking.”

The conference will feature four well-regarded presenters on valuable building-block topics for achieving this informed wellness.

Mindfulness coach Bonnie Kowaliuk, drawing on music-assisted mindfulness for developing a deeper connection to women’s inner powers, will address the topic, Revive and Realize Your Self and Your Life.

Holistic nutritional consultant Luka Symons, drawing on the relationship between diet and mood in a woman’s quest for reclaiming “their food and body groove,” will address the topic, The Gut-Brain Connection.

Popular speaker and intercultural facilitator Teresa Snow, drawing on Stoney Nakoda First Nations wisdom of the medicine wheel for understanding the interconnectivity of all of life, will address the topic, The Sacred Circle of Life.

And visionary/educator Anita Wildman, drawing on the relationship of cell memory and heritage to one’s own life, will address the topic, My Grandmother’s Journey.

“As Life-Givers,” Patricia notes, “women deserve to be treated with honour for their experiences, knowledge, skills in healing, heart, unity, vision, and lifestyle.” And this relates to the individual’s relationship to communities, cultures, institutions, and governments.

“This year’s theme is timely, as we are becoming more diversified as a community,” she adds, “and as such, our ability to be mindful and open to understanding each other’s experiences and cultures is integral to respect and acceptance of human rights.”

The Oct. 27 day-long food-friendly gathering will take place at the Cochrane RancheHouse. Tickets, $50.00, are available before Oct. 17 at FCSS, 209 2 Ave. W., Cochrane, (403) 851-2250.


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