Camera-shy heron gives wings to noble name at local pond

COFFEE WITH WARREN, with Warren Harbeck
Cochrane Eagle, August 2, 2018

 A Great Blue Heron visits pond along west side of Highway 22 just north of Fireside. INSETS (counterclockwise from lower right): from resting on mid-pond post, to aware of camera, to fleeing for cover in shoreline bushes, to taking flight.
Photos by Warren Harbeck

Great Blue’s back in town on one of its all-too-brief mid-summer visits. Mary Anna spotted it last week perched on its favourite fencepost in the middle of the pond west of Highway 22 across from Cochrane Toyota.

My camera couldn’t resist once more celebrating this largest member of the Heron family, so I pulled onto the shoulder, turned on my flashers, rolled down the passenger-side window, and started shooting.

At first, it was standing on one leg, head tucked under its wings, having a snooze. But sensing my presence, it looked up, leaned forward, and headed for the seclusion of the nearby bushes along the shore at the left of the scene, hoping to blend into the background.

It soon realized I’d spotted it there, too, however, so it took flight once more – gloriously spreading its wings to remind all our coffee companions why it bears its noble name: Great Blue.


© 2018 Warren Harbeck

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