Sunrise, sunset: Canada blessed with hope from sea to sea

COFFEE WITH WARREN, with Warren Harbeck
Cochrane Eagle, November 2, 2017

Sunrise and sunset across Canada. Photos (1) sunrise, Salt Spring Island, BC by Joanna Bernhardt; (2) sunset, Ft. Langley, BC by Kristen Harbeck; (3) mountain sunset, south of Cochrane, AB by Warren Harbeck; (4) sunrise, Morley, AB by Melissa Chiniquay; (5) sunset, Wildcat Hills, AB by Hamish Kerfoot; (6) prairie sunset, Last Mountain Lake, SK by Jack Blair; (7) sunset over Lake Huron, Kincardine, ON by Warren Harbeck; (8) sunset, Malpeque, PEI by Joan MacRae

“The world will be saved by beauty,” Dostoevsky so famously said. He must have had in mind the hope-filled beauty of the sunrises and sunsets we’ve been experiencing in Cochrane the past few days.

Indeed, if photos I’ve received from our readers near and far are any indication, all of Canada, from Vancouver Island to Prince Edward Island, finds hope in this heavenly beauty. Here’s a collage of some of their sunrise and sunset photos, with locations indicated in the caption.

This hope was especially well stated by Melissa Chiniquay, of Morley, when she gave me permission to use her sunrise photo (image 4).

Just as she was getting up this past Saturday morning, she looked out an east-facing window…

“With my mind still fuzzy in sleep, I knew I had to stop and capture this moment, as I knew how quickly it would pass if I didn’t embrace this glow – as life itself,” Melissa said. “Who cannot help but start their day with gratitude, waking up to a sunrise as fiery as this?

“The sunrises and sunsets of this season set a reminder of how change can be one of the most beautiful things to see.

“Despite all the unfortunate, worrisome events and experiences that have happened recently, it is mornings like these that make looking forward in anticipation to all the tomorrows, unseen on the horizon, bring a feeling of passion for life.”

Thank you, Melissa.


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