Horse trainer serves coffee companion Cup of Light for soul

COFFEE WITH WARREN, with Warren Harbeck
Cochrane Eagle, August 17, 2017

Tami Anderson and her companion Chai experience Cups of Light served by horse-whispering trainer to illuminate the way through an emotional dark valley.
Collage by Warren Harbeck from supplied photos

Tami Anderson, a morale-boosting workplace consultant, chatted with me over coffee the other day and treated me once more to a Cup of Light for my soul. Actually, it also involved Chai – no, not the tea, but her beautiful horse named Chai. And her wisdom didn’t come from having an easy ride along life’s trail. Her insights were the fruits of her journey through dark valleys, the way often illuminated by Cups of Light served her by others – and especially by her horse trainer, Kateri Cowley.

At my request, Tami summarized her thoughts in a letter she’s permitting me to share with you this week. Here’s her letter:

PERHAPS THE DEEPEST desire a human being has is for the soul to have an innate value in this world; that our life matters. A battle can ensue between the conditioning of the ego and the intention of the soul. We get sidetracked in the doing, losing the true essence of being. Yet the ego's doing only seems to create value, leaving the soul to continue searching.

My struggle overcoming this for the last two years has been a painful emotional and psychological warfare. I needed, and prayed for, a shield. It was difficult to recognize the shield that was actually provided was made of divinely selected people. They brought me through a dark metamorphosis as I cocooned within.

My soul knew there was a connection between my debilitating fear-based outlook on life in general and my fears around my young horse, Chai. I was hopeful of the possibility for healing if I worked with and through Chai. I approached equine expert Kateri Cowley from Rafter Six Ranch. Kateri may be known as a horse whisperer. For me, she is far more. She is a relationship whisperer. The transformation of my spirit, connecting to Chai and to my own self, has brought about inner awakenings. My relationship to Chai, to myself and to others has caused my cocoon to crack open. Strength, wisdom, confidence and more love is coming through. This is grace. This is because others carried their light into my world of darkness. They changed my human conditioning so the essence of my soul can shine.

So, the innate value of the soul that we all search for is not the specialness in being different but in our uniqueness of being, in how we carry our light to the whole.

—Tami Anderson, Best Foot Forward Consulting

OVER THE PAST few years I’ve made frequent use of two metaphors that really are saying the same thing. The one is that of a fan, the kind of fan, such as pages of a newspaper, we use to rekindle the dying coals of a campfire. The other is that of a Cup of Light. Tami drew on both metaphors in something she said to me over coffee back in 2012. Let me close with those same words:

“May we always be a fan ever gently blowing on the spirit of another, that their light may be found to grow in love, compassion and understanding.”


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