Lilac bush on our front lawn speaks to legacy of memories

COFFEE WITH WARREN, with Warren Harbeck
Cochrane Eagle, June 15, 2017

The easily overlooked lilac bush in our front yard is a late bloomer, but when it finally does blossom forth, it celebrates the season with evocative enthusiasm.
Photos by Warren Harbeck

It’s just a humble little lilac bush tucked away in the back corner of our front yard, but WOW, does it know how to party!

It must have got wind of all the lilac festivals going on elsewhere, so it decided to hold its own festival just for our personal enjoyment. It also serves as a reminder of how such seasonal delights are often the keys to unlocking a treasure chest of beautiful memories.

For me, when our lilac bush celebrates spring in all its lavender loveliness, it evokes memories all the way back to my youngest days when I proudly presented stems of aromatic lilacs to my primary-grades teachers and my Mom.

These lilacs are not unlike those haunting melodies we associate with other memorable moments in our lives. And here, I’m not just thinking of ditties like Jingle Bells or Happy Birthday.

They’re more like the romantic songs we associate with our courtship days, or with the special music performed during our wedding, anniversary, or other significant moments in our lives.

Yes, I guess the lilac bush on our lawn is about much more than immediate pleasure. It’s about the legacy of beautiful memories.

Which brings me to your part in next week’s column. It will be about those beautiful things – flowers, music, etc. – that recall memories that enrich our journeys now. If you care to share your experiences, drop me a line. Till next week, happy memories!


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