'Hi'-society Cochrane is a very friendly place indeed

COFFEE WITH WARREN, with Warren Harbeck
Cochrane Eagle, November 16, 2005

Every now and then I'm reminded of what a special community we live in. I mean, we really do have "Hi!-society" in Cochrane.

Take last week, for instance. Everywhere I went people were coming up to me and saying, "Hi, Warren!"

I was just getting in line for my 9 a.m. first-of-the-morning cup of coffee at the A&W, when from across the room, local rancher Walter Wearmouth beamed from his table, "Hi, Warren!" And Windy Erhardt put down his paper for a moment, looked up and also said, "Hi, Warren!" Before I got to my own table, a half-dozen others said the same thing.

Then I went over to the post office, and even before I opened my mailbox, three of our coffee companions hollered out, "Hi, Warren!" One of them was Mitzi Watts from Ghost Lake Village, about to celebrate her special day. Happy Birthday, Mitzi (and Bob, too)!

I wandered over to Cochrane Coffee Traders, and as soon as I entered, two of the serving staff saw me, smiled broadly, said "Hi, Warren!" and had my usual dark roast ready for me by the time I reached the counter.

I checked around to see if Bob Bartlett had returned from Ontario where he had a hip replacement – he has, and he's still amazed at something that happened right after he came out of surgery. A fellow walked into his hospital room with the latest copy of the Cochrane Eagle for him – it was our Cochrane coffee companion Heinz Unger, who just happened to be in the Toronto area on the day of Bob's surgery. He'd dropped by to say "Hi!"

Cup in hand, I was crossing the street from Coffee Traders to say "Hi!" to Bruno Struck at High Country Picture Framing & Art Gallery, when I heard a woman's voice from behind call out, "Hi, Warren! Do you have a minute?"

She introduced herself as Terry Hansen, one of our coffee companions who'd wanted to meet me for some time, but hadn't had a chance till that moment. Terry consults through her company, Genius By Choice. She helps folks improve their ability to learn and think. (I'm thinking I better book an appointment for myself one of these days, just to make sure I don't forget to say "Hi!")


Newcomers to Cochrane from Scotland Hazel Cargill and, from left to right, sons Blaine and Lewes, with new friend Harry, fashion clay snowmen at Java Jamboree.

I finally made it south of the tracks to see what was happening at Java Jamboree. As I entered the cafˇ, "Hi!"s were flying everywhere.

Sitting around a table making clay figurines were a woman and three young children I didn't recognize. So I went over, said "Hi!" and learned they were Hazel Cargill and sons Blaine and Lewes and new friend Harry. The Cargills had moved to town from Scotland just two weeks earlier.

Speaking of Java Jamboree, proprietors Les and Ottilia Jaworski hosted a "Hi!"-kind of event over the weekend.

They brought in renowned coffee guru Dr. Joseph John to speak on brewing a great cup of java, and especially on unlocking the secrets to a perfect espresso – for that real high. Did you know it's not a good idea to keep your coffee beans and ground coffee in the refrigerator? Not unless you want your morning waker-upper to taste like cabbage, cantaloupe, onions or whatever else is in the fridge – not a good way to say "Hi!" to your A.M. coffee klatch.

Well, I guess it's high time I wrap this column up for the week. Don't forget to say "Hi!" to your friends for me. After all, that's what "Hi!"-society Cochrane is all about.


© 2005 Warren Harbeck

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